Innovative information technologies in-house.

Our software applications exclusively use state-of-the-art software technologies without any software development risks and maintenance problems and guarantees long term availability.

All components are software applications, based on widely known Microsoft Business Intelligence tools, which are constantly maintained and continuously developed further by the world’s largest business software provider.

Our customised applications can be easily installed on networks and/or on laptops without the need for IT specialists. All technical hardware requirements are met by each airport operator without significant investments. Data interfaces to the airport operator´s statistical database are provided, tailored to the individual needs of the Client.

Our software applications can either be used as an integrated component of an “Extended Consulting Service Package” or implemented as an “In-house Application”.

In the case there are no human resource capacities for strategic airport planning available in-house, partial airport planning and controlling activities can be outsourced. In this case our airport experts take over the practical workload and use our software applications by themselves to underpin all concepts with numbers. At request the whole system can be transferred to the Client in a later phase.

To provide an “In-house Application” we follow a simple “step-by-step approach” that allows phased deployment as well as step-by-step extensions later on:

  • Step 1 – System Test: To get to know the new tool better, in the first phase we offer a comprehensive system test with real user data to test all system functions and application options.

  • Step 2 – Tailored Solutions: Based on the test results, a precisely modified solution is implemented and transferred to the Client.

  • Step 3 – Supported Operation: In-house operation supported by a comprehensive, flexible service package

Buy or rent: All rights to use the software applications are granted based on licensed usage rights. Such licensed usage rights may be granted either for an unlimited duration period (buy) or for a specific period (rent).

Single User or Multi User: a “Single Airport License” is assigned to be used for a certain airport, a “Multi Airport License” includes the right to use the application for several, pre-specified airports.