Airport Sustainability Management

Economically, ecologically and social sustainable development of the airport location

Generally, the term “sustainable development” describes a development that meets the needs of the present generation without limiting the possibilities of future generations.

Sustainable management is therefore inextricably linked to strategic thinking and thus has to look beyond the short-term planning horizon. In addition, the interests of as many stakeholder groups as possible should already be taken into account in corporate and project planning.

Taking care about our environment and stakeholders

Sustainable airport development is also concerned, but not only with the control of noise and pollutant emissions. The environment-oriented development of an airport refers to the efficient management of all scarce resources and strives to achieve the highest possible degree of environmental compatibility, both at the airport location and in the regional environment. The extraction and future consumption of soil, water and energy are as much part of a sustainable airport development concept as the spatial planning of the entire airport location.

However, the economic effects of air traffic (direct, indirect, induced and catalytic) as a significant factor in the development of the business and tourism location must also be given appropriate weight.

Our solutions offer the opportunity to estimate both the positive and the negative effects of aviation for a medium and long-term forecast period. This information can be included in the assessment of development concepts and / or expansion projects. This enables us to assess large development projects not only from a commercial, but from a holistic perspective.

Strategic airport collaborative decision making

In order to be able to cope with the role and nature of airport operations as a vehicle for a mix of public and corporate business objectives, all relevant perspectives of users and stakeholder groups must be taken into account. This is especially important when assessing large infrastructure projects where different perspectives have to be related to each other through participatory processes.

Therefore, “Strategic Airport CDM” not only refers to short-term aspects of cooperative process optimization, but also goes far beyond trying to resolve strategically relevant decisions on long-term development projects and major airport expansion projects in consultation with all stakeholders.

Our solutions offer the opportunity to evaluate the development concepts and projects with the help of evaluation models specially designed for the requirements of stakeholder groups of an airport, and to embed the various perspectives and objectives in the most objective way possible