Strategic Airport Capacity Management

Market demand driven airport capacity enhancements to save limited resources

By doing strategic airport capacity management every airport operator tries to make the best possible use of its limited resources. As most of the enhancement projects are very time-consuming and costly, airport operators generally try to use their existing capacities until the latest possible point in time. This, in turn, makes capacity reserves very small towards the end of an asset life cycle and leads sometimes to disruptions with significant delays in the overall handling process.

Our solution provides market demand-related capacity forecasts to provide long-term technical and operational development concepts and shows the consequences of such programs in terms of money at the same time.

Balanced airport capacity improvements

Due to their overall impact to the whole location escalating capacity expansions are subject to special procedures. Thereby it should always be borne in mind that airport capacity expansions are not done with a single expansion project but normally trigger additional measures in other technical functions, which must be coordinated in an up-to-date overall “Technical Airport Development Concept”. Many single extension projects, sometimes subject to the usual but time-consuming environmental impact assessments and complex project planning processes, must be summarized in medium- and long-term expansion programs, which by themselves may be subject to a holistic development program review.

We provide integrated traffic and capacity requirement scenario forecasts, which allow the timely identification of medium and long-term capacity gaps. By using this tools alternative traffic scenarios on the one hand and alternative technical quality standards leading to varying capital expenditure requirements on the other hand can be tested and valued with linked scoring models. Thus, relationships between traffic growth, required capacity expansions and financial burdens due to necessary investments can be shown simply and transparently.

Holistic decision making for key projects

The most important reason for planning is to prepare entrepreneurial decisions in a sustainable way. Strategically relevant decisions may concern both, big capacity enlargement projects or strategic initiatives to upgrade quality or efficiency. The bigger projects that need to be decided upon and the wider the consequences of such decisions, the more appeal stakeholders with partially diverging interests. Therefore, holistic decision making models are required, which clearly identify the probable consequences of the decisions to be made. Simultaneously it always must be ensured that there is a feedback between project-related decisions to the overall strategy and business plan.

On the one hand, we provide tools to easily calculate and compare alternative development scenarios and on the other hand our solution features tried-and-tested decision making to evaluate alternative options in holistic scoring models.

At any time new ideas and innovations must be found and tested to enhance the quality and the efficiency of all handling processes. Our solution offers special evaluation tools to integrate quality-related indicators in addition to financial performance indicators. By using such holistic decision making tools a wider range of targets can be considered and alternative views of several stakeholders can be taken into account.

to find and to develop the best service and product portfolio

“Strategic Human Capacity Management” is supported by our solution with special tools to elaborate short-, medium- and long-term scenario forecasts for the required human capacities subject to various traffic scenarios and to calculate their financial consequences in terms of personnel costs and directly related personnel add-on costs. Thereby forecast scenarios for alternative business models (insourcing / outsourcing strategies) for several business segments can be tested and evaluated.