Airport Marketing & Customer Relation Management

to initiate an attractive air transportation network and strong customer relations to promote sales

A well done “Airport Marketing Concept”, seen as a conceptual blueprint based on guiding ideas and strategic objectives of the company, shows fundamental aspects of the current and future customer structure and the future design of the airport service portfolio, identifies the most important competitors within each market segment and selects those marketing tools to be used to promote sales.

to develop a demand-orientated air transportation network

Ultimately, traffic growth is always the driving factor behind all services provided by the airport operator and its affiliated cooperation partners. Despite the broad portfolio of services and the very complex customer structure of an airport operator the focus of airport marketing is first and foremost the acquisition of airlines to develop an attractive air connection network.

“Strategic Connectivity Management” should help to identify transportation supply gaps, to find the best mode of transport for the most important originating & destination markets as well as to define a network development strategy to find suitable airline partners and to attract them to cover the gaps by offering new air traffic links.

Our solution provides special tools to combine statistical airport data with market-related external data to identify transportation supply gaps and market growth potentials and to integrate such information into the respective short-, medium- and long-term marketing concepts of the airport operator and his stakeholders.

Up-to-date and accurate data to negotiate with airlines

“Airline Customer Relationship Management” includes all contacts before the first service relationship and thus all pre-sales activities as well as all after-sales activities with an airline.

We provide market research services and supports the airport operator in contacting of potential new customers. For this purpose, all interesting information for airlines, such as the current situation on selected traffic routes, potential service partners at the airport, current prices, etc., is collected and summarized in “Market Research Reports” in a way that suits the potential customer.

Furthermore our solution collects and combines up-to-date data regarding the business relations with each of the current key clients and creates integrated “Sales & Capacity Reports”, showing the business history and some indicators regarding the quality of the business relationship. Based on that, we provide suitable documents to support all types of negotiations with airlines in a time- and cost-saving way.  

to set air traffic-linked sales targets

An integrated “Market and Sales Plan” shows the key driving factors for sales in each business segment as well as thereof resulting forecast scenarios. In this respect it should also quantitatively reflect all qualitative aspects outlined in the marketing concept for a short, medium and long-term planning horizon. 

Our solution integrates an in-depth air traffic analysis and the thereto linked air traffic forecast system with a short-, medium- and long-term sales forecast model, that is using the traffic forecast parameters as volume drivers on the one hand and individually designed pricing models on the other hand. By using this tool alternative marketing strategies can be quantified and alternative pricing models can be tested easily in various scenarios.