Modular Airport Planning Solutions

For airport operators only

MAPS is a strategic management tool tailored to the unique needs of the airport industry, designed by aviation experts with years of hands-on experience from various airport development projects in collaboration with scientific partners and IT professionals.

All-in-one solution

as a fully integrated tool, MAPS combines all elementary fields required for strategic airport planning, supports the entire planning process and integrates several planning levels.

Special combination

MAPS combines scientifically recognized and practically tested conceptional design tools with IT-supported calculation models to design strategic airport development concepts.

Interactive planning and decision making

“forward-thinking” preparation as well as short calculation times and easy understandable presentation of results allows team-oriented, inter-active and efficient decision-making.


Airport Management Information System

Strategically relevant information available at any time and at any place.

Service or in-house application

MAPS can be used as part of a comprehensive service package with highly qualified support of our expert team or as a licensed “in-house application” directly implemented and used by the airport’s own planning experts.