The planning component “Strategy” compiles all partial results (traffic forecast – capacity and investment forecast – financial forecast – forecast of environmental effects) into integrated overall planning, compares and evaluates alternative development scenarios and supports the preparation of a long-term airport development concept.

As an aid to the development of an airport development concept, sector-tested methods and planning forms are provided, which can be used as framework concepts or as checklists.

By combining qualitative aspects in the form of concepts and descriptions with quantitative planning elements in the form of forecast calculations, target value calculations or key figures, the traceability of a specific airport development concept is promoted by means of measurable facts.

The ability to easily and efficiently image several development scenarios or a variety of variants of a particular development scenario and to compare these with each other expands the picture of possible, future opportunities and risks. Thinking in alternatives is a creative step that opens many new possibilities, especially for longer planning periods.

MAPS offers the usual methods of cost-effectiveness calculation from the point of view of the company. The exclusively financial assessment of the results of projects or alternative strategies can be extended if necessary and implemented as a holistic assessment with additional inclusion of qualitative objectives.

Projects or alternative development scenarios can also be assessed from the perspective of different stakeholder groups, thus presenting a picture which is objective for the general public.