The planning component “Capacity” covers all work processes for the analysis of the statistical data for the development of personnel and asset capacities, the creation of short-, medium- and long-term personnel and plant capacity forecasts as well as the development of a personnel plan and a technical airport development concept including the investment program.

The distinctive features of our planning component “capacity” are:

The results of the short-term and long-term traffic forecast are linked to alternative quality standards and provide alternative forecasts of future personnel and asset capacities. The logical chain “transport – quality – capacity – investment – operating costs” can be mapped and compared for all conceivable development scenarios.

The prognosis of the necessary steps to expand capacities can be divided into expansion phases, which follow each other in the course of time and also take account of the long-term space and surface requirements. The development stages of the individual technical functions can be coordinated and combined into program phases.

Necessary extensions of handling capacities are shown for each development scenario in the investment program. Combination of project and program planning for all technical functional areas

Personnel-related and plant-related operating costs can be derived from the development of personnel capacities and the development of the capacity of the technical facilities.