The “traffic and sales development” planning component encompasses all work processes for the analysis of statistical traffic data, the preparation of short- and long-term traffic forecasts and the development of a traffic and sales plan.

The distinctive features of our planning component “traffic” are:

The forecast of air traffic is carried out on the basis of the market segmentation defined by the user, possible changes in the framework conditions in individual submarkets or new market development strategies can be mapped for individual market segments.

The air traffic forecast and the air and land-based forecast of ground traffic are directly linked. Changes in the structure of air traffic can also have the following consequences on the apron or on the land-side connection to the road and rail network.

In all development scenarios, capacity limits for dominant bottlenecks are automatically taken into account. Alternative forecasts with different capacity limits can be compared and assessed.

The short-term and long-term forecasts of the annual traffic volume are directly related to the development of seasonal, weekly, daily or hourly peak loads. Long-term effective changes in the distribution of time over time and distribution by type of aircraft are shown.