Strategic Airport Financing


“Strategic Financing Management” addresses fundamental aspects of corporate and project financing and the management of financial risks. Just like any other infrastructure developer, an airport operator sometimes must expect major fluctuations in its financing structure. At regular intervals, the facilities of each airport must be expanded due to the increasing demand for transport services. Many enhancements can occur relatively near before capacity limits are reached and can be implemented in small steps. However, in some key technical functions (such as runways, terminal buildings, etc.) large capacity enlargements must be planned to avoid permanent disruption, which normally cannot be financed entirely from the company’s operating cashflows. The financing of such lead projects must therefore be prepared in the long term and embedded in an overall financing strategy.

MAPS shows imminent financial bottlenecks at a very early stage, to which it is still possible to react and provides alternative financing models to fill in the gaps. With well thought-out and well-prepared information documents, it is even easier to negotiate with financing partners.