Airport Marketing & CRM

"Design and initiate an attractive transport network and customer relations to promote sales"

The central focus of airport marketing, despite a broad portfolio of services and products and a very complex customer structure of an airport operator, is first and foremost the acquisition and support of airlines to develop an attractive air connection network. The development of such a strong air traffic network is accompanied by the growth of passenger, airfreight and air mail volumes and consequently the growth in sales of all directly or indirectly related services. The driving force behind all services provided by the airport operator in various business fields and its affiliated cooperation partners is ultimately always traffic growth. The primary strategic goal of airport marketing therefore always is expanding the transportation service offer and to improve the connectivity of the business and tourism location.

  • Strategic Connectivity Management is primarily concerned with the identification of strategic supply gaps and the determination of the optimal mode of transport for the most important originating & destination markets to define a “transportation network development strategy” to find suitable airline partners and to attract them to cover the gaps with new transportation links.

  • MAPS provides special tools to combine statistical airport data and market-related external data to identify market development potentials and to integrate such information into the respective short-, medium- and long-term marketing concepts of the airport operator and his stakeholders.

  • Marketing & Sales – a marketing concept of an airport operator, understood as a conceptual blueprint which is based on guiding ideas and strategic objectives of an overall airport development plan, must show fundamental aspects of the current and future customer structure, design of an airport service and product program, identify the competitive situation in the respective market segments and select the marketing instruments used to promote sales. The market and sales plan based on this should also quantitatively reflect all qualitative aspects outlined in the marketing concept for a short, medium and long-term planning horizon, the marketing concept and market and sales plan are therefore inextricably linked. MAPS offers an integrated traffic analysis and forecast system combined with special tools for a short-, medium- and long-term sales forecast.

  • Customer Relationship Management – generally speaking. is a comprehensive approach that includes all customer relationships of the company. This basically includes all service, control and monitoring functions as well as all processes and tools that are related to direct or indirect communication with the customer. Overall the customer loyalty management includes all contacts before the first service relationship and thus all pre-sales activities as well as all after-sales activities. MAPS is supporting these works by providing basic statistical data regarding the history of the relationship with the clients and collecting up-to-date information regarding the overall service program at the whole location to be shared with the clients. Furthermore, MAPS can be used to design and update various marketing and information documents to support negotiations with the client in a time- and cost-saving way.