Airport Management Information System

Strategically relevant information for the management of the company, compressed and always up-to-date.

The management information system of an airport operator must generally meet the same requirements as such a system of any other company. However, the content of an Airport Management Information System (AMIS) goes beyond these usual requirements due to the atypical complexity of the business and the extensive consequences of aviation within a wider region. Anyway, an “Airport Management Information System (AMIS) ” must be focused on strategically relevant information, compressed and always up-to-date.

MAPS provides all such information online or as a printable document, as a report or as a dashboard.

  • Reports – copies of strategically relevant information documents to open with a mouse click

  • Dashboards – compressed, quantified information shown in tables or graphs

MAPS provides all types of current strategic development concepts and commercial business plans short-, medium- and long-term. Each of these reports has a specially designed layout and can be fed with the most actual data at all times. All reports can be designed in different presentation variants for different addressees, can be printed out or can be presented online.

MAPS offers monthly or quarterly up-to-date information regarding the actual status of the overall business plan as well as updated information about the actual status of the implementation of strategic initiatives and lead projects.

Besides internal information documents a sample of special reports can be prepared with a tailor-made layout and presented with matching animations by the airport operator to shareholders or public stakeholders.

In addition to the internally elaborated documents, all types of other strategically relevant information can be collected in a compressed version and be used to underpin the planning documents.