Wolfgang Edelmann, Managing Director

Wolfgang Edelmann has been working in the aviation industry since 1980. In his many years of experience, he worked in the management of Flughafen Wien AG as well as an external consultant for airports and investors in well over 100 airport development projects. In addition, he is a member of the Aviation Advisory Board of the Aviation Infrastructure Research & Innovation Center (AIRIC) in the field of scientific research and development in the field of air traffic. He was also a member of the Austrian aviation advisory board and also an advisor to the Austrian Federal Government on aviation policy issues. His knowledge and experience is the key to AI-MS's unique ability to fully integrate commercial, technical and financial airport expertise. As a member of the Austrian aviation advisory council, he was an advisor to the Austrian government on all matters relating to regional air transport policy.


Walter Richter, Managing Director

Walter Richter has been active in the aviation sector at Flughafen Wien AG since 1987. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in international airport development projects and real estate management. Since 2008, he has been working as a specialist for business intelligence tools in the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the area of ​​corporate planning for airports.