Beratung & Wissenstransfer

Comprehensive support from aviation industry experts

Als „One-Stop-Shop-Provider for Airport Planning“ bieten wir unseren Kunden neben der Systemunterstützung mit MAPS auch eine umfassende Auswahl an Beratungs- und Trainingsleistungen in allen Planungsbereichen. Mit der Kombination aus maßgeschneiderten Entwicklungskonzepten, Analyse- und Prognosemodellen und individuell konzipierten Organisationsvorschlägen ermöglichen wir eine Komplettlösung zur Planung von Flughäfen jeder Größe.

Verbundene Beratungsleistungen

Combined airport strategy planning teams

Wherever a strategic concept is missing or is no longer up-to-date, we provide our airport experts to work out appropriate proposals in a team together with the airport operator. In contrast to most other consultants, we are able to use our proven software applications to underpin our conceptual approach with appropriate numbers.

By doing that, all our calculations are fully disclosed to our Clients and explained in detail. In addition, we are also ready to install the applications on the Client’s IT systems. Once the basic strategic concepts and guidelines are in place and the software applications have been installed, further revisions and annual updates can be made by the airport’s employees with only marginal support to save time and costs.

  • Current market position (catchment area, competitors, co-operation partners)
  • Actual traffic structure (traffic sources, traffic types, target market segments, airlines)
  • Market demand scenarios
  • Future capacity bottlenecks (timely traffic distribution, medium- and long-term capacity constraints)
  • Short-, medium- and long-term air traffic and ground traffic forecast
  • Connectivity improvement and airline marketing strategy
  • Short- and medium-term action program

MAPS Traffic

  • Work scope and human resource capacity analysis
  • Quality and efficiency benchmarks
  • Demand-related capacity requirement forecast scenarios
  • Human resource an personnel-related add-on cost forecast scenarios
  • Efficiency improvement program
  • Short- and medium-term action program



MAPS Human Capacities

  • Work scope and asset capacity analysis
  • Demand-related capacity requirement forecast scenarios
  • Short,- medium- and long-term technical development concept
  • Capital expenditure program
  • Asset-related operating cost forecast scenarios
  • Efficiency improvement program
  • Short- and medium-term action program



MAPS Asset Capacities

  • Financial analysis
  • Demand- and capacity-related sales and operating cost forecast scenarios
  • Corporate and project-related financing strategies
  • Financial stress tests
  • Commercial efficiency improvement program
  • Short- and medium-term action program



MAPS Finance

  • Environmental analysis
  • Demand- and capacity-related macroeconomic effect (value added, jobs, taxes) and environmental effect (noise and pollutant emissions) forecast scenarios
  • Environmental strategy and sustainability improvement program
  • Short- and medium-term action program



MAPS Environment


Training on the job

In order to transfer the required know-how to our Clients, we organize special in-house trainings and public airport planning seminars. In all our training programs, we work with our tried-and-tested tools on specific questions of the Client or on examples from everyday aviation practice.