Technology & Organisation

MAPS can either be purchased as part of a comprehensive consulting service or implemented as a planning and information system in-house.

You do not need new investments in hardware or software, nor do you need to change the organization of the planning in the house. MAPS can be purchased in the form of licensing rights and easily implemented without the need for special IT expertise.



Technological Basis

The core elements of MAPS are designed as software applications and are based on well-known Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. All software products used by MAPS are continuously maintained and continuously developed by the largest business software provider in the world.


Users of the MAPS software applications that rely on MS products can always take advantage of state-of-the-art technology while remaining confident that these technologies will be available in the long term.


MAPS provides individual interfaces to a wide range of software products and technologies (such as statistical databases, financial accounting programs, CAD systems, simulation tools, etc.) that are tailored to the individual needs of the user during system implementation.

Technical Requirements

MAPS can in principle be installed on the network and / or on laptops. The technical requirements for the hardware are normally met by any airport operator without substantial investments. In order to ensure a smooth and efficient operation of the system, the use of a computer of the newer generation is recommended.



Both the scope and level of detail as well as the planning horizon can be tailor-made for each MAPS solution according to the individual requirements of the user. In addition, the user can access prefabricated package solutions, which can be checked and specified with system real-time data using the user’s real-time data.

System Test

In the first phase we offer a comprehensive system test with real data of the user, in which the individual system functions and application possibilities with real airport data can be tested in detail.

Customized Solutions

On the basis of the system tests an exact specification can be made with which the standard models are modified. In the course of the system implementation, the user can decide whether the software application is operated in-house by the planning experts at the airport or whether the planning work is to be carried out as an AI-MS service.

Support During Operation

In any case, extensive services are available to assist the user. This includes technical support services (such as helpdesk, ongoing system updates, data update services, process management, etc.) as well as consultancy services for the development of airport development concepts (eg strategic concepts, marketing concepts, technical development concepts, financing concepts or environmental and environmental management concepts, etc.).


Licensing Rights

Purchase or Rent

All rights to use MAPS are granted on the basis of license rights. Such license rights may be granted either for an indefinite period (purchase) or for a specific period (rent).

Single User or Multi User

In the normal case, i. In the case of a “single license”, a MAPS license usage right is applied, which refers to a usage for a specific airport. A “Multi Airport License” contains the right to use the application for several pre-specified airports.