Technology & Organisation

Innovative information technologies in-house.

MAPS offers each user individual access to the solution

  • MAPS can either be purchased as part of a comprehensive consulting service (service solution) or implemented as a planning and information system in-house (license solution). No large investments in hardware or software, nor a change to the scheduling of the planning in-house is needed from the customer.

  • Customized solutions for each airport can be easily implemented without the need for specialist IT expertise.

  • MAPS license rights for individual modules or package solutions can be purchased or rented

MAPS uses state-of-the-art software technologies without the risks of software development and maintenance.

Technology basics: All MAPS core elements are designed as software applications and are based on widely known Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. The software base products used by MAPS are constantly maintained and continuously developed by the world’s largest business software provider. Users of MAPS software applications can always take advantage of state-of-the-art technology while relying on these technologies to be available for the long term.

Interfaces: MAPS provides interfaces to a variety of software products and technologies (such as statistical databases, financial accounting programs, CAD systems, simulation tools, etc.) that can be tailored to the individual needs of the user as the system is implemented.

Technical requirements: In principle, MAPS can be installed in the network and / or on individual laptops. The technical requirements for the hardware are normally met by each airport operator without significant investment. In order to ensure a smooth and efficient operation of the system, the use of a computer of the newer generation is recommended.

MAPS follows a simple “step-by-step approach” that allows phased deployment and expansion:

System test: To get to know each other better, in the first phase we offer a comprehensive system test with real user data in which the individual system functions and application options can be tested in detail with real airport data.

Tailored solutions: Based on the system tests, a precise specification can be used to modify the standard models.

Support services in live operation: In any case, comprehensive services are available to support the user. On the one hand, this includes technical support services (such as helpdesk, ongoing system updates, data update services, process management, etc.) and, on the other hand, consulting services for the development of airport development concepts.


MAPS license rights can be used individually or as a multi-user solution and can be purchased or rented:

Buy or rent: All rights to use MAPS are granted on the basis of license usage rights. Such license usage rights may be granted either for an unlimited duration (purchase) or for a specific period (rent).

Single User or Multi User: Normally, i. in the case of a “single license”, a MAPS license use right is assigned, which refers to a use for a certain airport. A “Multi Airport License” includes the right to use the application for several, pre-specified airports.